Exactly what is a Stealth prospect — and exactly How is it possible to Avoid getting One?

Will you feel just like obtaining school is really a never-ending that is( selection of cartons that require examining? That isn’t not getting precise! However, I have found all too often that students forget about one vital field that is not clearly organized on a conventional application: displayed interest. This can be the key that makes sure that you don’t turned into a “stealth” prospect.

Demonstrated interest try, well, just about that which you’d anticipate: Providing measurable facts to demonstrate college the interest in going to. Some students think posting a software is sufficient to demonstrate that interest. Information flash: it is not any longer! Schools need to get a hold of candidates just who push probably the most with their campus, and it is no real surprise that those learning students are usually the candidates who are excited about being fully a part of it. In comparison, stealth candidates is children exactly who may have that exhilaration but try not to allow it to showcase.

You ought not risk lose out on entering your ideal college just because anyone was more eager to grab a spot throughout the class lineup. Here are a few methods demonstrate their interest and get away from becoming a stealth candidate.

Become A visitor that is active on

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